We help project/business owners to maximize their chances of getting funded by creating pitch decks that tell a story

Pitch deck consulting overview

If taking projects through a funding process has taught us one thing, it is this:

An investor’s most precious resource is time. 

They do not have the time to wade through a 100 pages of research, read about a heroic founder’s journey, analyze endless tables and scrutinize complex diagrams.

Their primary objective when looking at your deck is to understand as quickly as possible whether the opportunity in front of them is a good fit for them or not. 

From our experience, providing investors with a holistic picture of what it is you’re pitching, is probably one of the most difficult things for project owners to do.

Pitch perspective matters

It is human nature to focus on the things we care about. This fact is why most pitch decks are not well developed.

Project owners are so deep into the weeds by the time that they are ready to speak to investors, they assume that everyone gets the big picture.

They focus the pitch on showing the “what” and the “how” of the project, without spending much time on the “why“.


An investor who is seeing a pitch deck for the first time wants to first understand why they should care enough to spend time analyzing the what and the how of the project.

Apart from developing a coherent narrative for their pitch deck, project owners often struggle with getting the perspective right, and this is where we can lend a helping hand.

What we do

We help project owners develop their pitch decks in a way that they resonate with potential investors.

Once the pitch deck is done, we then introduce the project owners to potential funding partners.

Our process looks as follows:

  1. Do a pre-qualification evaluation to decide whether we believe the project has enough merit for us to spend time and energy on.
  2. If we decide to take on the work, we then go through a process of understanding the project’s macro environment, so that we can test the financial assumptions that the project plan is built on.
  3. We then review the financial statements to ensure that they reflect the macro environment.
  4. Once we have satisfied ourselves about the project’s foundations, we develop and agree a narrative for the pitch deck.
  5. With an agreed narrative, we then build the deck, using our preferred format
  6. When the deck is done, we will introduce the project to appropriate funding partners, should the project owner have this requirement.

To get started, please fill out the project pre-qualification form.

We will then review your project, and will let you know within 48 hours whether we believe that we can add value to your project or not. 

To get a sense of what we charge for our services, please take a look at the Pricing page.



If you are not familiar with the process of raising capital, getting funded can be a long and painful process. Cut through the complexity and save yourself a lot of time and effort by using our services to get your project funding ready.

We can do all the heavy lifting for you and then introduce you to potential investors.

Use our expertise to achieve the following:

  • Develop a value proposition and narrative that aligns with your personal and business objectives
  • Build a financial model that resonates with the type of investor you are looking for 
  • Get introduced to potential investors 

Having said this, our services are not for everyone. We only work with projects that we believe have a real chance of getting funded.

Someone’s desire to get funded is not the same thing as having a viable project.

In order to understand if there is potential for collaboration, we have a pre-qualification process, which starts with the form below.

When you click the button below, you will be asked a number of questions related to your project. Upon submission of the form, we will revert to you within 48 hours to advise whether we believe that we could be of service in helping you to get funding ready.